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Personal Injury - Auto Accident

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a procedure that takes place when a person, business, or credit entity is looking to have debt discharged and/or reorganized by the court. There are many common types of bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 (individual), Chapter 11 (business) or Chapter 13 (Wage Earner's Plan). When it comes to these sensitive matters, we are here to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for you, your business, or your credity entity.
Criminal Law - Arrested

Business & Commercial Law

When it comes to the distribution of goods or financing matters, we have the full knowledge of UCC and state requirements and regulations to ensure that all commercial transactions and negotiable instruments are safety executed and represented.
Business Law meeting with clients

Business Organizations

In Texas, multiple business entities are available. After finding the appropriate form, this process includes the formation process needed for each entity. This includes the limited liability company, corporations, partnerships, and more.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Civil Litigations/Property Disputes

Civil litigation is the process of presenting a lawsuit to a trial court to enforce a claim of bring a solution to a dispute. This process is critical when it comes to any property dispute issues.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Civil Rights Law

If you or your organization have been deprived of your basic rights, or they have been violated, then you are in need of Civil Rights representation. Whether this involves the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Equal Pay Act, or many other federal acts, it is not to be taken lightly. Call today to ensure that your Civil Rights are fought for!
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Construction Law

Construction law covers all aspects of construction, from contracts, construction defects, workplace injuries, or even construction liens.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Creditor's Rights

This area of practice applies to all non-bankruptcy aspects of the credit/debit relationship.
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Criminal Law

The purpose of criminal law is to identify activity that violates society's rules. Whenever a crime is committed, not matter the size, an experience attorney is needed to find the best outcome possible. Do not fight this alone, call us today!
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Employment Law

At Munson Munson Cardwell, & Tillett we pride ourselves on fighting for the rights of the employee. We truly understand that your employment is your livelihood, so you should not have to suffer from wrongful termination, workplace disputes, safety issues, or anything else that can get in the way of your life and your living. Call us today for more information.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Estate Planning

Before and after the passing of an individual, decisions need to be made in regards to the disposition of assets. In this area of practice, the desires of the individual are closely assessed and accomplished with wills, trusts, and transfers during life.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Family Law

Sometimes called "Domestic Relations", Family Law is a very special legal field. These issues include divorce, adoption, separation, marriage, paternity, custody, child support, property, and much more.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Governmental Law

Did you know that governmental entities still need representation? This includes school districts, cities, and counties on a variety of matters, whether it be city contracts or actions by or against these entities (such as eminent domain or condemnation).
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In Texas, this concerns the appointment of a qualified adult as the guardian to a minor, including all legal responsibilities and permissions that come with the role. Not only this this area of law used for appointment, but also termination of guardianship in some cases. In each of these situations, consideration must be brought as to which party is the most viable and responsible to be the legal guardian.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Juvenile Law

If a minor commits a crime that would normally be punished as an adult criminal offense, it becomes a juvenile matter. This area of practice is used to determine the most appropriate outcome for the offender in these cases.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Landlord/Tenant Law

Whether a lease needs to be read over, or tenant becomes evicted, or there is a dispute/disagreement between the tenant and landlord, an experienced attorney is needed to ensure that these entities are fought for. These issues are governed exclusively to the state statutes that apply specifically to a landlord-tenant relationship.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Lender Law

There are many law, rules and regulations that come with lending, liens, and collateral. When you choose us, you can trust that we will make every aspect of lender law as easy and clear as possible.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Probate & Estate Administration

When assets, such as inheritance need to be moved in an orderly fashion, we can assist in the administrative process and laws involved. This process has many different aspects, including the Will, responsible parties, debt resolution, disposition of assets, and in some cases, the formal identification of heirs.
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Property Owner Associations

These organizations exist to manage the common amenities, restrictions, covenants, and conditions involved with property subdivisions.
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Municipal Law

When it comes to municipal law, there are many aspects involved. This could include drafting legislation, land development applications, real estate matters, housing regulations, contacts, and labor matters. Call the experts at our law firm to start the process on these matters today!
Estate Planning - Will & Trust

Real Estate Law

Real estate includes not only the land, but the building that stand on it. This also includes anything attached to the land that cannot be removed without damage (such as a home fixture like cabinets, or a home extension like a garage.) This area of law is much, much different from personal property law, so it is very important that you call an attorney that can guide you through each and every step of the process.